• Image of Landfill Bin Stickers- Toronto

Stickers of Landfill Icon & Text
4.5" Black/White Stickers!

One order is for 10 stickers.

One order - 10 stickers
Two orders - 20 stickers
Three orders - 30 stickers

+Shipping ($1.50)


#landfillbin is excited about the community's reception to this concept and is thrilled to be living in a city where people are working together to make it even better! Stickers sold here are at cost in hope that together we can make a bigger impact!

If you choose to participate, please be safe and aware of your actions - you may be confronted with aggression or legal implications if these stickers are placed on private or government property. Please take caution and use your judgement.

By purchasing these stickers, you agree that #landfillbin assumes no legal responsibility or liability due to altercations, injuries, damages, legal issues, etc. resulting from the use of these stickers.