Too many recyclables go to landfill, causing enormous harm to the environment. Thankfully, Toronto has a recycling program in place so we can alleviate this problem rather simply ― by putting recyclables into the right bin.

The Landfill Bin Sticker encourages recycling by making the reality behind the 'Litter' option salient and emotionally moving. Only now does the renamed receptacle linguistically refer to where misplaced recyclables will end up and provides an image to represent this final destination. Word and image together encourage people to pause at the waste bin, reconsider where their waste goes, and make the better choice.

We hope the Landfill Bin Sticker will affect Torontonians in the decisive moment when they choose where to put their recyclable, ultimately diverting tons of waste from going to landfill. A further hope is that the sticker's influence will carry over to Torontonians' overall recycling habits.